Cakes Your Way with KatieCakes & Co.

By Stephanie Grick, Morgantown Macaroni Kid Publisher June 12, 2019

Gluten-Free, Keto, organic, vegan, Whole30, allergies and the list goes on of all the different dietary needs or choices of those around us.  For the longest time, I had not thought much about any of these.  My family doesn’t follow any particular “diet plan” and thankfully, no one has any allergies to foods. So when planning for my kids birthday parties, I didn’t think much of it when it came to buying a cake.  They picked something they liked, we ordered it at a bakery and boom, done.  Things got a bit tricky when we realized our younger daughter had a sensitivity to food dyes.  Then, of course, she wanted a rainbow unicorn-themed birthday party!  Let me just say figuring out things that are rainbow without food dyes, is extremely hard! Especially when looking to buy a cake.  

I just so happened to be tagged in a post on Facebook by one of my friends where a local baker, KatieCakes & Co, was talking about how she created custom cakes for all sorts of dietary needs.  What?!? I was so excited!  After thinking that this rainbow unicorn cake wasn’t going to happen I was onto thinking it was possible! After contacting Katie, she said, yes, she could make my wish come true!  A rainbow unicorn cake with natural food dyes! Magical! 

Katie was great to work with.  Not only did she figure out a way to make this cake come to life, but she also checked in with me along the way to make sure what she was using was what I wanted. She was quick to respond to messages and great to meet in person.  Being able to meet her I could tell that she really did love baking but even more importantly was her obvious desire to make her customers happy!  She wanted everyone, on every type of diet or those with dietary restrictions, to be able to enjoy a delicious cupcake or treat without worry.  

Kate is the owner of KatieCakes & Co. and is also the 2018 & 2019 HBA Restoring Hope Foundation Cupcake Wars Champion. She loves being creative with her baking and enjoys seeing how her customers like her food and the happiness it brings them.  Katie doesn’t just make cakes and cupcakes but also makes cookies, pies, fruit tarts and more.  If she has not made something with your specific needs, she will make it her goal to figure it out!  That’s dedication! 

KatieCakes & Co. is hoping to continue expanding the business by first working on shipping and delivering across state lines.  As a local to Ephrata, she will deliver to you your baked goods and you can also find some of her yummy treats at the Pressed Plate. You can follow her and drool on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what new great things she has baked up. 

Interested in ordering? You can contact KatieCakes & Co. through Facebook messenger and she will let you know how she can help you!  She gets 5 stars from our family!  I can’t wait to hear what she makes for you! 

I received this cake in exchange for an honest review but all opinions are my own.